Monday, September 28, 2015

Ptolemina, High Priestess of Aridais, the Forbidden City (Game 1)

We have begun a small Frostgrave campaign in our FLGS, Battleground Games (come out on Monday nights if you want to meet us or play a game). There are three of us that are for sure participating, though a number of other people have shown some interest and might join in as we move along. It would be nice to have at least four or five people.

We are playing random scenarios and just moving along in a linear fashion with our Mages. There has not been a definitive number of games decided on, and as a matter of fact, we have even said it is ok to drop your Mage in favor of just constructing a new Mage and war band. This makes it fun, easy, and no one feels bad if their wizard gets killed early on. Besides, I am sure we will start something more set in stone before someone reaches Level 10 or so, where it might start to matter some. 

I really like the concept behind a number of the mages and schools of magic in Frostgrave. So, choosing one was not easy. But I decided since this is not our "for sure" campaign, that I would play something fun and maybe a bit off the normal path for me. I chose to do a Necromancer.

The Necromancer's Troupe:
Necromancer w/ Staff
Ptolemina, High Priestess of Aridais, the Forbidden City
Apprentice w/ Staff
Renyard Strake, ex-Friar and Acolyte of the High Priestess of Aridais, the Forbidden City
Lady A
Thug Underboss, Big Tom
Thug, Kay Az
War Hound
Gorman the Wolf
Mr. Holt
Bone Dart
Raise Zombie
Steal Health
Animal Companion
Fleet Feet

Back Row Left to Right: Thug, Thief
Middle Row Left to Right: Crossbowman, Man-At-Arms, Apprentice, Thug, Apothecary
Front Row Left to Right: Wizard, War Hound
Date Played: 9/21/2015

Scenario: The Living Museum 

Opponent: Enchanter War Band of Dan

We ended the game after about 4 rounds and about one hour and a half as I had to head home. We hope that our game play gets a little faster as time goes on.

  • Four of the Six Statues came alive. One of them ended up killing Dan's archer who was carrying a treasure - DOH! 
  • I took out two of Dan's dudes. I believe one was with a Bone Dart and one was with a Crossbow bolt.
  • Ptolemina took a crossbow bolt to the throat and came within 2 points of being taken out of action in one shot!
  • My guys rushed the treasures and strangely avoided being hurt very much at all, despite being completely exposed. 
  • Dan ended up with 1 treasure, that netted him like 3 potions and a ton of gold. 
  • I ended up with 2 treasure, giving me a Fast Act Grimiore and 140 gold.
  • I made just enough XP to go up a level.

Things we learned:
  • If you don't have enough terrain, the game becomes a shooting gallery. Use all the terrain you got!
  • Though three of Dan's dudes we taken out of the game, all three ended up surviving. So, although a character can be taken out for the game, the brutality isn't quite what we were fearing - they aren't dead.
  • We need to speed up, I guess. The game seemed to move a bit slow, even though I did not think we were really taking all that much time.
  • Bone Dart is crazy good.
  • The Apothecary is actually worth the points!
  • Fog is really good too.
  • It was still fun.

So, I don't know if Dan is going to continue with his Enchanter, or if he will drop him for a new wizard. I think I am going to stick with Ptolemina for a few games. I did learn a lot from this particular game - I don't think throwing my wizard directly into the middle of the fray is the best thing I could do, especially considering she got hit so hard that had it been anyone else in the crew, they would have died. I might try to keep her back a little further, I mean come on, Bone Dart is Line of Sight!

I still have not decided what I am going to do as my advancement. I am leaning toward lowering the difficulty on a spell, maybe Leap. Or maybe I'll learn that Fast Act spell... not sure yet. Upping my Fight by 1 would be good too. Too many decisions!!!

I did decide that for my lair I am going with the Laboratory - to get the +20 xp after each game. And that I might actually drop the Warhound and pick up another Apothecary and another Thief. More speed and more healing - woohoo!

I am really looking forward to the next game. I think that this war band has great potential - next game, I'll have to cast my Summon Zombie and Animal Companion spells before I play. We shall see how it goes.

I need to write up a short history of Ptolemina... that coming soon.

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