Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The D6 Generation Reviewed Frostgrave

First of all, if you don't listen to The D6 Generation, you are missing out. Russ and Craig are two of the most entertaining hosts of any podcasts out there. The shows are fun, well-structured and always have interesting topics. Speaking of topics on the show, the most recent one had a long and well-thought-through review of Frostgrave. Check it out:

The D6 Generation Episode 175: Travel Games & Frostgrave Detailed Review

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ptolemina, High Priestess of Aridais, the Forbidden City (Game 2)

This was game two for Ptolemenia's Band. I was pretty excited to see her make it to the table again. A second game means more progress and hopefully a continuing for our multi-part endeavor that is trying out Frostgrave.

My party was the same as last time, with one addition, another thug.

The Necromancer's Troupe:
Necromancer w/ Staff
Ptolemina, High Priestess of Aridais, the Forbidden City
Apprentice w/ Staff
Renyard Strake,ex-Friar and Acolyte of the High Priestess of Aridais, the Forbidden City
Lady A
Thug Underboss, Big Tom
Thug, Kay Az

Thug, Kaz Ay
War Hound
Gorman the Wolf
Mr. Holt
Bone Dart
Raise Zombie
Steal Health
Animal Companion
Fleet Feet

I didn't have any new spells or magic items, due to my rolls last time. But I did advance a level, so I chose to have +1 Fight.

So, first, we rolled up the scenario. "Genie in the Bottle" was to be it. We set up the table with some cool new terrain that Dan made, and some of our normal pieces that hang around the game store. I picked up a lot of trees to use, they made the board look fuller and worked quite well.
We set up the treasure and did our initial rolls, and the game began.

(As sadly I am writing this a week after the fact, the specifics of the game elude me.)

  • My Warhound acquired a name. After rolling two natural 20s and taking out two of my opponent's war band in two consecutive rounds, he is now, "Badaz!"
  • Dan's group killed the Genie and found, and recovered the Genie bottle. This gave his wizard an instant 250 xp. Seems excessive to me, but thems the rules.
  • I think my opponent and I both were maneuvering better than in the previous games.
  • I kept my wizard and apprentice out of harm's way, unlike last game.

  • Ptolemina:
    • I got a around 300 gold from the encounter.
    • Grimoire of Awareness
    • Grimoire of Wall
    • Dagger +1 Fight
    • 1 Level
    • My thief was removed from the game, and is out for a game.
  • My opponent:
    • Some amount of gold (plus the amount for the bottle).
    • A magical two handed sword.
    • Robes of Arrow Turning
    • 3 Levels
    • 4 of my opponent's dudes were taken down during the game: 3 were fine, 1 out for a game.

I do think that the fact that a wizard can gain 3 levels in a game is too much and extremely unrealistic. I am used to, and like, games where you can only advance one level per game (or session) - but again, thems the rules.

I wish you could sell grimoires. I get the idea behind why you cannot, but it seems silly to me. I now have 3 grimoires that are not spells that I care about and cannot sell. So, useless treasure... ugh...

Well, on to the next game...