Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fun with modifying models (or making a Frostgrave Warband on a budget) - part 2

My progress so far has been pretty decent for my first attempt at doing mods on minis. I will lay out exactly what I did to each one in the pictures below:

Necromancer's Apprentice
I mended the broken part of the friar's staff with some Gray Stuff. Then I found an old animal skull thing, I believe it went with some GW Beastmen bits (or Giant bits). Then primed him with some ancient GW Chaos Black Primer - super surprised it still had any left.

For Harlan, I clipped the top off of his gun and attached a Dwarf Crossbowman's crossbow bit to it. I removed the sword I had attached to his back. I then used a small bit from some old Dwarven stuff to sit in that hole and to make the straps on his back look right - sorry, I forgot to get a picture of it.

For Master Holt, I removed his actual arms and replaced them with some spare arms I had lying around (maybe Dwarf arms?). Then I used Gray Stuff to smooth the transition from arm to body. Then I attached a shield to his left arm, using Gray Stuff to make a strap. Then the right arm got an ax attached, which has fallen off - might need to pin that. 

Crossbowman, or maybe Marksman
For Seth, I removed his sword from his back and Gray Stuffed over the hole. I then found a pretty decently fitting Dwarf Crossbow bot that, with a little snipping and Gray Stuff, fit in the correct place for his arms. You can tell what is metal and what is plastic under the primer. I imagine when I paint it, that will become less obvious.

No pics of the Construct... I did some surgery on it. It still needs some work though, and it is in a different spot than the other models.

More updates to come!

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